put all the lights out
I beg of you
my love is made from whole cloth
I don’t dare to cut it

so put all the lights out
reduce us to mouths seeking each other in the dark
I beg of you

because I cannot take in more
than one part of you at a time

because your mouth is like a light
and each of your eyes is a light

because each of your limbs is made of clear jade
and glows like phosphor

because there is a new sun in the sky
and it burns me to look upon it

so help me

put all the lights out
put all the other lights aside
put your incandescence under a sheet

hide in the darkroom with me
until something develops

and let me take you in
one angle at a time
until my eyes grow accustomed to the light

Now in song form on Soundcloud – performed with Vince Cabrera and Fernando dalla Pasqua


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